Our Mission:

Restorative Justice

Focusing on repair rather than punishment, our mission is to create a cultural, heart-led shift in the ways we respond to sexual violence. Marlee Liss founded the Re-Humanize Movement alongside her mother, after her sexual assault case concluded with restorative justice.

If I had known that restorative justice existed, I would never have dragged myself through 3 years of the criminal justice system- risking my mental health to fight for a punitive outcome I never wanted or believed in
— Marlee Liss, Founder

Education -

After experiencing sexual violence, survivors options are limited;

1) Report to the police and trudge through the criminal justice system or 2) Don’t report at all. The former path consists of often re-traumatizing trials, scripted statements, hyperfocus on punishment, and the conclusion of either incarceration or acquittal. The latter can be disempowering as silence is normalized and sense of safety may be threatened.

Acquittal rates are absurdly high and the failed promise of prison is clear within rates of recidivism. Restorative and transformative justice offer a powerful and much-needed alternative to these options, in which the focus lies on repair, closure, healing, accountability, and lasting transformation. 


Our Goals

1 -


Our goal is to build awareness and education for restorative justice, in order to shift intrapersonal and systemic responses to violence. We are calling for the system’s commitment to addressing harm rather than hyper-focus on choosing punishment. We are making restorative justice a mainstream conversation, so that those impacted by sexual violence can make informed decisions and requests in the pursuit of justice.

2 -


We are advocating for survivors voices to be centred and for our diverse visions of justice to be heard. We must make justice and healing synonymous, creating a path rich with reclamation of voice. Our needs for closure and accountability must be valued, as well as our right to know legal options beyond the justice system’s all-or-nothing binary.

3 -


We are determined to hold these goals within the context of gender reconciliation. This means that we transcend the binary of “patriarchy vs. the future is female” and instead come together for healing and solidarity. We acknowledge the ways in which patriarchy has hurt all of us and we are committed to collective rising.